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    State Shoot Info: The State Shoot program is available. Please support our generous sponsors.

    MSSA Newsletter: 2015 MSSA Newsletters are now available at Newsletter Page

    MSSA State Team minimums now require 50% of minimum be shot at MSSA-sanctioned shoots! Minimums are 12 GA - 700 (350 MSSA targets)... 20 GA, 28 GA, .410 Bore - 600 (300 MSSA targets) ... Doubles - 400 (200 MSSA targets).

    NSSA Skeet Year Changed Beginning this year (2015), the NSSA skeet year will end on December 31, rather than October 31; next year and following years will coincide with the calendar year. MSSA Skeet Year will correspond with the NSSA year. Your age concurrent for 2016 will be your age on January 1st (but see the rule book for the exception for Veteran/Senior Veteran/Super Veteran if you'll turn 70/80/90 during 2016).

    MSSA Hall of Fame We are adding a page to recognize those Missouri shooters who have been inducted into the MSSA Hall of Fame. Any assistance you can provide in identifying these members would be appreciated. If you can provide names and (if known) year inducted, please send the information to MSSA President - Rob Gyngard

    MSSA Email Newsletter MSSA President Rob Gyngard is sending an email newsletter monthly. If you're not getting it, it means he doesn't have your current email address.

  • Marco Polo Outfitters is the sponsor for MSSA's Points Challenge Program. 2015 standings are posted as of prior to State Shoot.

  • Annual dues are now $10 no matter where paid; daily fees are set at 1/2 of the NSSA daily fee and will be 2 cents/target ($2/hundred) for the 2015 shooting year.

  • Our 2014 State Teams are posted at the State Teams Page.

  • Our latest All Americans are posted at the Honors Page.

  • MSSA now has a Facebook® page.

  • If you want to receive shoot programs and other important news from MSSA and member clubs, you need to subscribe to our email group. This allows MSSA to get the word out without the sender being identified as a spammer.

The Missouri State Skeet Association was formed to promote the sport of skeet shooting under the auspices of the National Skeet Shooting Association and to:
  • Increase friendship and good will among the shooters;
  • Foster friendly competition;
  • Increase the knowledge of shotguns and their safe and proper handling;
  • Guide, encourage and assist in the organization of skeet clubs in the State of Missouri;
  • Strengthen those clubs already organized by increasing interest in skeet shooting;
  • Standardize policies and plans for tournament shooting;
  • Promote inter-club shoots and;
  • Provide a sponsoring and governing body for the annual State Skeet Championships.

Effective November 2014, Contact MSSA care of

  • Rob Gyngard, President - Email Rob
  • Jeff Nichols, Vice- President - Email Jeff
  • Nancy Rodney, Secretary-Treasurer - Email Nancy
      Or mail to: MSSA
      c/o Nancy Rodney
      4605 Lindell Boulevard, Apt. 1603
      St Louis, MO 63108

    Directors at Large:
  • Ralph Gates
  • Carter Finnell
  • Bud Wood

    • Congratulations to our five 2015 All Americans, including 2 Team Captains - See Honors page see All-Time All American Page for previous years.

      Congratulations to State Champions for 2015:

      • Timmy Carter (HOA, 20 GA, 28 GA)
      • J. B. Barnard (.410 bore)
      • Garrett Rhodes (12 GA)
      • Micah Gibbons (Doubles)
      • Bill Spurlock (HAA)

        The complete State Shoot Winners List is now posted to the Event Schedule

    and skeet ranges in Missouri
    earned by Missouri shooters

    including all-time All Americans

    Updated February 2015
    State Team
    for 2014
    All Time State Champions
    a work in progress
    Minutes, Reports and Important Documents
    Updated 10/21/2014
    Marco Polo Outfitters Missouri Points Challenge
    information on Missouri's frequent shooter program

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    MSSA Newsletters
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