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    The MSSA Hall of Fame honors members who have achieved significant honors as shooters by winning multiple State Championships, National Championships, world records, high-average recognition, All-American and/or Missouri State Team honors.

    As of August, 2018

    HoF Member Name
    Year elected
    (if known
    Archie Alexander1990
    Randy Borth1989
    John Durbin1982
    Sallie Durbin1983
    Glenn Ernst2016
    Jim Ernst1984
    Rob Gyngard2003
    Stanley Harris2000
    Leo Harrison, Jr.1985
    Claude King1986
    Arvel Mendenhall2010
    Larry Mills2000
    Tommy Moore
    Jack Moreland1982
    Jeff Nichols2018
    Karla Roberts1984
    Michael Rodney2003
    Mike Schriever2016
    Carl Schwartz1986
    John Spurgeon1987
    Bill Spurlock
    Al Ventucci1993
    Ed Willmering1988
    Charlie Wilson1988
    Charlie Smith Award Winners - The Charlie Smith Award is given in honor of a long time shooter and/or contributor; recipients are those those who have made a significant contribution to the MSSA and skeet shooting in our state by their long time volunteer efforts.
    Charlie Smith1992Charlie Smith Award
    Betty Harris2003Charlie Smith award
    Bonnie VentucciCharlie Smith award
    Bill Wayne2017Charlie Smith award
    Roger Spann2017Charlie Smith award
    Nancy Rodney2018Charlie Smith award

    2015-16 Hall of Fame Committee - This committee is charged with examining the records of Missouri shooters and nominating up to two individuals for induction to the MSSA Hall of Fame and/or as recipients of the Charlie Smith Award. The criteria for each are spelled out in the By-laws, Article 10.

    Members are encouraged to suggest people who qualify in either category (or to help identify Hall of Fame members who were omitted from the list.

    Committee Members & email addresses

    Bill Wayneinfo@cedarcroft.com
    Rob Gyngardrgyngard@aol.com
    Arvel Mendenhallsktnut@embarqmail.com

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